If you elect to experience what gliding is like with SoarAbility, and we certainly hope that you get to share in our passion: you can be assured that your personal safety and wellbeing is our priority both when you are on the ground using our facilities and in the air.

Like any undertaking or sport, a degree of risk exists in most aspects of our human experience. The pursuit of a risk-free environment is a noble and worthwhile one, and to be promoted: and applauded. But we know from this same life experience that risk cannot altogether be eliminated. Generally, Gliding is a safe sport and with relatively low take-off and landing speeds coupled with very strong methods of construction, gliders present a risk profile that can be managed effectively through a focus on good maintenance, situational awareness, training, and strict observation of the relevant legislation and operating standards. The Gliding Federation of Australia is that body which establishes those standards and audits gliding operations throughout Australia consistent with ensuring their observation and maintenance. Suffice it to say that SoarAbility, its founder, and those who volunteer their services to it are all committed to ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable experience.