Weight and Height

All aircraft, and irrespective of their type, have strict limits in regard to maintaining the correct weight and balance of the aircraft so as ensure their stability, controllability and structural integrity throughout its flight envelope. The aircraft that SoarAbility utilises have a maximum seat capacity of 110Kg and if you feel you are approaching or getting close to those limits then please check your weight before coming to the airfield so as to avoid disappointment. If you are clearly over that weight limit the Simulator which is not mass restricted might be something you would care to consider. Persons of varying height can be accommodated up to an including approximately 6 foot 4 inches.(193 cms)

Physical Fitness

In addition to the mass weight restriction please check with your medical practitioner if you feel there is any underlying physiological and or neurological condition that might advise against you flying in a glider. In any event SoarAbility will always endeavour to accommodate and or cater for a wide range of special needs situations so feel free to talk with us if you are uncertain as to your capability and or our capacity to assist you get into the air.

Age Restrictions

There are no age barriers to flying per se. SoarAbility has provided flight experiences for those ranging in age from about nine to over ninety. The youngest person to successfully fly the simulator so far was a five year old. Needless to say young children require additional fixed ballast weights to be fitted into the cockpit to ensure correct weight and balance of the aircraft and will also need suitable cushioning so that they can see outside and or reach the primary controls. Practicality must prevail in such circumstances and generally younger folk and or those of smaller stature fly from the back seat of the tandem seat ASK21Mi. The Stemme S10V aircraft is a very good alternative to fly in when faced with smaller stature and low weight situations. Persons under the age of 16 will require either a Parent or Guardian’s Written Consent.

Working With Children

It is a SoarAbility requirement that its instructors hold a valid “Working With Children” Permit for the State of Western Australia