Two seater glider training aircraft of the type you will fly are not generally equipped with parachutes in Australia. These trainers always plan to operate in a low risk environment. If you have mobility challenges, strapping a parachute on and getting into an aircraft can be somewhat tedious. You can draw some comfort from the fact that your instructor won’t be wearing one either. Pilots of single seat gliders in Australia generally wear parachutes. One of the reasons for this is that at times they may fly in close proximity, particularly in competitions and or share the same thermal with many other aircraft. Collisions have occurred in our sport but this is extremely rare. The wearing of parachutes in gliders is a risk mitigation measure only, not a risk prevention. The best prevention is for all pilots to keep a good lookout whilst flying. As a passenger and or trainee you will be required to assist the instructor with scanning the horizon for possible conflicts at all times. Two heads are better than one, and attention to situational awareness is a prerequisite for all trainees and displays good airmanship which will bode well for your future progress as a pilot. Should, however, you insist on wearing a parachute then one will be provided for you.